Buying Contact Lenses Online? Hold On Until You Read This!

The inception of the internet has significantly turned traditional business models on their head with an ever increasing number of E-commerce stores that sell everything including a Boeing 747 commercial aircraft (sold on Alibaba’s Taobao)! It makes life more convenient, indeed. However, there is something that consumers really need to know when buying contact lenses online…

Contact lenses = medical devices

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3 Things To Know About Computer Glasses

Computer glasses have become increasingly popular over the years since the advent of Visual Display Units (VDUs) and more people are spending longer hours in front of a screen than they used to be as we step into the Digital Era.

So what are computer glasses?

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You Should Read This If You Are Using A Computer, IPad, IPhone And The Like

What’s the matter

While the ‘second machine age’ – the third and fourth industrial revolutions – has completely changed the way we live by bringing human interaction and connectivity to a whole new level, it does not come without some serious complications. And one of them is digital eye strain. Continue reading →

Where Can You Get A Comprehensive Eye Examination in Malaysia and Singapore?

For a lot of people out there, you probably have not been to a proper eye examination in Malaysia and Singapore even though you wear glasses. Yes, you heard me right. And you might wonder – how on earth could I get my prescription glasses if I didn’t get my eyes tested first? Continue reading →

What Is The Difference Between Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Optician And Orthoptist?

The 4 O’s

So now you have come here because you are absolutely confused with the difference between an ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician and orthoptist.  Continue reading →