What Is This Website For?

The Fab Vision is your one-stop website for everything you need to know about optometry, giving its users information on a very undersupplied niche on the internet. While there are some other similar websites out there, we stand out by endeavouring to provide you with insights into vision, eye care, glasses, contact lenses and other optometry-related topics in a language that everyone can understand.

Ways you can substantially benefit from this website:

1) No more uninformed buying decisions when it comes to prescription glasses

Help you choose the most suitable glasses with lenses that meet your different needs.

2) Learn what you must know as a contact lens user

Yes, contact lens is a medical device that’s regulated by different professional bodies in most countries including Malaysia, Singapore, the Uk, the US, just to name a few.

 3) Know where and why you should get a comprehensive eye examination 

You will know why you should get one done even though ‘my vision is OKAY’

4) It’s completely free and you can simply treat this website as a guidebook and an information hub

Be an informed consumer!

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