Celebrating Chinese New Year With Style – Snapchat Glasses [VIDEO]

Good news to those who find reading extremely tedious because this post is mostly composed of a video I took using Snapchat Glasses!

Watch the Video I took With Snapchat Glasses

Get excited about finding out what I did for this Chinese New Year by watching the embedded video I recorded using ONLY Snapchat Glasses!


The colourful dish that you saw at least 3 times (if you managed to watch the entire video) in the video was known as ‘Yu sheng’ in Mandarin (鱼生) , which literally translated as ‘raw fish’ in English. It is more often known as ‘Prosperity Toss’ by western media because the phrase more explicitly depicts what it is all about.

Yu sheng is a raw fish salad that’s made up of an array of ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, white radish, turnips etc. all shredded into very thin strips and finally topped with salmon slices. It is unique to ethnic Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. The common practice is to mix different condiments (peanuts, sesame seeds, plum sauce/honey, pomelo) into the salad and everyone will toss the salad together.

In the course of tossing, everyone has to say auspicious wishes and try to toss the salad as high as possible to ‘bring in prosperity’ for the new year.

Cheers! 🙂

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