A Comprehensive Eye Examination Explained Using A Simple Infographic

A comprehensive eye examination is very different from your usual ‘free sight test’ in that it incorporates a number of tests to examine the HEALTH and determine the refractive state (prescription) of your eyes. It is a very common sight in Malaysia that phrases like ‘eye test’ and ‘eye examination’  are misused by practices to tout for business when in fact they do not have the means to carry out a comprehensive eye examination to determine not only your prescription for glasses but also the HEALTH of your eyes.

You as a consumer should really understand how a comprehensive eye exam/test looks like plus who is competent and qualified to carry out such test.

A very concise infographic of a what to actually expect in a comprehensive eye examination.

Extra tests that might be included in an eye exam

Although not included, some extra tests like a visual field test and/or tonometry (to measure the pressure inside the eyes) might be necessary as part of a comprehensive eye exam based on the optometrist’s initial findings to rule out any suspected disease, to clarify any uncertainty regarding certain symptoms or as part of the referral protocols.

Who is qualified to carry out a comprehensive eye exam?

This might be what you’re wondering just now. In fact, I’ve written a detailed post on where you can get a comprehensive eye exam done in Malaysia and Singapore. In theory, a fully qualified and registered optometrist is responsible for carrying a full eye exam.

You can find a multitude of useful resources on the Association of Malaysian Optometrists’ official website including the scope of practice of optometry in Malaysia.

If you are residing in Singapore, you can find what an optometrist can offer you on the Ministry Of Health’s website. The governing body of optometrists in Singapore (Singapore Optometric Association) also offers some useful resources on their website here.


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