Why you want to AVOID bungee jumping if you’re very short sighted?

Keep an eye on…

not just bungee jumping – but also a multitude of other high-impact or high-velocity sports like skydiving and boxing if you’re very myopic. Continue reading →

The world’s most short-sighted countries

What is Myopia

Myopia, more colloquially known as short-sightedness is a very common eye condition which is mostly associated with an imperfection in the optical system of the eyes. Very strictly speaking, it’s not an eye disease but rather a ‘flaw’ or an ‘error’ in the optics of the eyes although very rarely, it may be secondary to some eye diseases. Continue reading →

Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyesight Worse?

Myth or Truth?

It is a commonly-held belief that wearing full-correction glasses is the main culprit of worsening one’s eyesight. The rationale behind this belief is somewhat intuitive: glasses slacken your ‘eye muscles’ Continue reading →

Read This Before Your ‘Eye Test’ – Are You Really Getting Your Eyes Tested?

Free Eye Test

How many times have you stumbled upon a ‘free eye test’ service at a random optical practice somewhere in a mall or just anywhere in town? Many times if not every time I bet. Continue reading →

What Caused More Than 216,000 Malaysians to Go Blind?

National Eye Health Survey 2014

According to a 2014 National Eye Health Survey conducted all across Peninsular Malaysia and the two Malaysian States on Borneo island, CATARACT had caused some 216,000 people in the country to go blind. Continue reading →

Celebrating Chinese New Year With Style – Snapchat Glasses [VIDEO]

Good news to those who find reading extremely tedious because this post is mostly composed of a video I took using Snapchat Glasses! Continue reading →

Check Out the Sunglasses that Snap – SNAPCHAT GLASSES

A Few Things to Know about Snapchat Glasses

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The Use of Diagnostic Drugs By Optometrists

Optometrists as primary eye care providers

I shall keep stressing that optometrists are not ‘spectacles salespeople’ as what’s been wrongly perceived by the general public all this while. And the same is true for dispensing opticians. Optometrists, alongside any other primary health care provider like a physiotherapist, play an important role in supporting the healthcare system in many countries. Continue reading →

In Pictures – 100% Optical

This is a continuation of the previous post on 100% Optical that happened over the weekend at Excel London…

1) Meet the man who’s using 3D printing technology in optics

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Highlights From 100% Optical – Artificial Intelligence

100% Optical marked its fifth anniversary at Excel London over the weekend this year! As an undergrad optometry student, I certainly didn’t regret travelling all the way down south to attend the event. Below is one of the highlights from the event you definitely would not want to miss: Continue reading →