Check Out the Sunglasses that Snap – SNAPCHAT GLASSES

A Few Things to Know about Snapchat Glasses

*Double tap the screen to enlarge the video if you are viewing on a smartphone.

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The Use of Diagnostic Drugs By Optometrists

Optometrists as primary eye care providers

I shall keep stressing that optometrists are not ‘spectacles salespeople’ as what’s been wrongly perceived by the general public all this while. And the same is true for dispensing opticians. Optometrists, alongside any other primary health care provider like a physiotherapist, play an important role in supporting the healthcare system in many countries. Continue reading →

Discover 100% Optical through Pictures

This is a continuation of the previous post on 100% Optical that happened over the weekend at Excel London…

1) Meet the man who’s using 3D printing technology in optics

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Highlight 1 From 100% Optical – Artificial Intelligence

100% Optical marked its fifth anniversary at Excel London over the weekend this year! As an undergrad optometry student, I certainly didn’t regret travelling all the way down south to attend the event. Below is one of the highlights from the event you definitely would not want to miss: Continue reading →

How to Read Your Glasses Prescription?

What is a glasses prescription?

A glasses prescription is a written or printed copy of the refractive error of your eyes that’s issued by your optometrist after an eye exam. The optician then dispenses and supplies the glasses based on the given prescription. Continue reading →

The Little Known Secret of Benjamin Franklin

A Sign of ageing?

We all know Benjamin Franklin, or at least we’ve come across his name at some point. Although more famously known as one of the founding fathers of the United State of America, Benjamin Franklin was also an inventor. He was, arguably one of the pioneers in the optic world. Look around and it’s really not hard to see people, especially the elderly with glasses that look like this: Continue reading →

Caught You Blinking! Why Do You Blink?

We blink unconsciously and the average person blinks about 15 to 20 times per minute. If you do the math, a normal person blinks at least 14400 times per day (taking an 8-hour sleep time out of the equation). Carry on the math, if a blink took 0.3 second, that would simply add up to 72 minutes per day. Can you believe that we spend more than an hour a day shutting our eyes while we are awake? Sounds crazy huh? Continue reading →

Shocking Price Tags! Read This If You Are Wearing Designer Glasses

Ever wonder why your designer glasses come with exorbitant price tags? While it is common sense that consumers are charged a premium for designer products because of the brand name they associate with, there’s actually more to that when it comes to designer glasses. And it is this company that is behind the hefty price tags:

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A Comprehensive Eye Examination Explained Using A Simple Infographic

A comprehensive eye examination is very different from your usual ‘free sight test’ in that it incorporates a number of tests to examine the HEALTH and determine the refractive state (prescription) of your eyes. It is a very common sight in Malaysia that phrases like Continue reading →

You Should Really Know What A Comprehensive Eye Examination Is.

Contrary to popular belief, your eyes are not necessarily healthy even if you think your vision is great and you have no problem seeing everything at every distance. This is because a lot of eye diseases do not really carry any symptoms during the early stages. And due to that very reason, optometrists as a primary eye care provider are imperative to identify such issues through routine, comprehensive eye exams.

‘Sight Test’ ≠ Comprehensive Eye Examination

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